A Guide to Golf Equipment

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If one enjoys and is involved in a sport, then of course they need the right equipment to participate to their fullest. One such sport is golf. The golfer can of course rent golf equipment UK, but if one is serious about the sport and enjoys playing then rental equipment is just not the same as having your own. One plays a much better round of golf when they have their own equipment.

Not all golf equipment UK is created equal. And, men and women will of course purchase golf equipment that is specific to their gender. If you are just starting out in the world of golf then one will not want to invest in expensive equipment. Used equipment is great, until the person becomes more acclimated to the sport. So what does a golfer need in order to play golf? What golf balls and clubs do one purchase? With so many brands and prices it can certainly become confusing.

Are you left or right handed. You will need to purchase golf clubs accordingly. Beginners and seasoned golfers will use different balls and clubs. As a person begins to play the game they will naturally lose a lot of golf balls, so the cheaper they buy the better, until they become better at the game. Golf balls can be purchased very cheaply to very expensive. Golf improvement comes in two more stages, the intermediate and the professional golfer. As one progresses and loses less golf balls they can buy the more expensive ones which will give them greater distance and control.

Buying used golf clubs are a great way to save some money, starting out but one needs to know what to look for, such as the face, shaft and club grip. Do not purchase used clubs that have worn grooves in the face, as this will not help you learn the game, nor will it help you improve your play. Make sure there are no cracks in the shaft or the shaft is loose at the face. You will need to invest in a comfortable pair of waterproof golf shoes, sunglasses, golf gloves, a golf visor, a good golf bag, cart and of course golf tees. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is not going to hinder your swing is essential. This is really not a lot of equipment, and once an investment is made you are good to go. Some seasoned golfers may have, or rent their own golf cart. Watches and umbrellas are all optional, but do come in handy when out on the course.

In summary right or left handed golf clubs, tees, golf shoes, golf bag, clubs, cart and comfortable clothing is the necessary equipment needed on the golf course.

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A Guide to Golf Equipment

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A Guide to Golf Equipment

This article was published on 2012/02/10