How to Choose the Best Quality Golf Clubs and Equipment

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Buying the most suitable golf club is crucial to your game. The purchase depends on several factors; if you are very passionate about golf, then it’s worth spending on expensive sets such as Callaway golf clubs.

About Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway makes golf clubs and equipment for the passionate golfer. Callaway golf clubs are world famous and the company is a household name in the manufacture of golf clubs as well as balls. In 1991, they transformed the golf accessories market by launching the iconic driver, Big Bertha. This wide-body driver was the first of its kind during the time. Later, titanium versions with somewhat similar names were introduced. In the year 2004, the ‘Big Bertha 454’ was launched. Down the years, various other advanced versions were brought out and in 2012 the company launched the first ever adjustable driver called the ‘RAZR Fit.’ With this club, golfers can bring about a draw, straight shot or fade by regulating the hosel.

The Success of Nike in the Golf World

Nike golf clubs may have entered the market late, but in a short while the company has made an extraordinary impact in the industry. Being a novice just a decade ago in the golfing world, Nike spread its power and penetrated the market in such a way that it is certainly going to stay, for as long as the sport exists. Not only has it captured the international market for its golfing apparel, it is also carving a niche in golf balls, drivers and irons. A great part of their success is attributed to Tiger Woods and being their ambassador, he uses all of their golf apparel. Additionally, he favours Nike drivers, irons and wedges, fairway woods and the putter. The golf world has been shaken by the entry of Nike and is proving to be an innovator with its new advanced golf clubs.

TaylorMade Golf Ball

Talking of golf balls, one brand that has made a mark is the TaylorMade golf ball. This is the first firm to launch a golf ball with five layers. Having entered the market recently has not deterred them from being a trendsetter. The TP5 has been the fourth top-quality golf ball that has entered the golf market. In 2011, 25 million Pentas were used by players around the world. The Penta TP5 has become even better with a softer core. The inner mantle is resilient yet flexible; this boosts the speed. The middle mantle functions well with the inner layers to enhance the speed. The outer layer works with the middle mantle to increase the speed.

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How to Choose the Best Quality Golf Clubs and Equipment

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How to Choose the Best Quality Golf Clubs and Equipment

This article was published on 2013/03/02